Kursk city is a big administrative and industrial center of the Chernozem zone. The area of the city is about 18.5 thousand hectare with the population of 628 thousand of people. Both light and heavy industries are developed in Kursk. There are more the 100 large plants and factories, small industries which make a grate economical potential.

Kursk is situated in picturesque place in 400 km from the capital of Russia, Moscow. You can see lots of places of interest here. One can go to the cinema and watch a wonderful movie, the other can go to the theatre and have a great time there or just admire a beautiful nature. There are many clubs and pubs in Kursk, so you’ll never be bored.

There are lots of hotels in Kursk. You can book a nice room for just $10 or a lux in an elite hotel. You can easily get Kursk either by train or by air. There is an international airport in Kursk suburb and there are also airports in Voronezh (100 km from Kursk) and Belgorod (200 km from Kursk). The transfer from the airport to the city will be organized. So you will be safe and sound.


From the ancient times Kursk was a spiritual center of Russia. Serafim Sorovsky, one of Russian great saints was born here. There are a lot of places of culture in the city. Among them Sergievo-Kazansky and Znamensky Cathedral, Drama Theatre, Museum of Regional. So you shall have a chance to admire the beauties of this old city.

The city is proud of such sportsmen as Alexander Povetkin, Olympic Champion in boxing, Valentina Lyakhova, World Champion in Marathone race and others.



In recent years powerlifting becomes more and more popular among Kursk dwellers. Kursk is the motherland of such eminent sportsmen as Yulia Umerinkova, four-time World Champion in Powerlifting and Bench Press, double Absolut World champion in Powerlifting; Igor Umerenkov, Absolut World champion in Powerlifting, world record breaker; Stanislav Milosniy, World Champion in Bench Press and many others